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From this episode of DNews with Laci Green.

I’ve been saying this for quite a long time.

Unforeseen (albeit accurately predicted) disruptive technologies fueled by an unwavering exponential growth curve (Moore’s Law) will lead to technological unemployment amidst a society shackled to the traditional capitalistic platform. We’re here through the processes of evolution by natural selection. And to borrow words from Peter Diamandis, we’re currently in the midst of a transition into the future via evolution by intelligent direction.

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You mentioned my name in the tag so here goes:

Any job that has easily quantifiable metrics of “success” will be automated. Menial clerical work, like menial manual work, is more or less executing an algorithm over and over, something machines are very good at. Humans have the comparative advantage right now in trades that aren’t those things. Things like skilled trades, services, and creative/innovative endeavors involve a combination of expertise and sociability that machines are hard to automate. This is Tyler Cowen’s argument on what drives the rise of “the 1%,” as conditions went from favoring labor and middle management to preferring those who were exceptional at what they did.

In the long run, economic actors move to their comparative advantage and realize the mutual gains through trade (I guess between humans and other human machine-owners since machines don’t trade). Humans and machines will each specialize in the things that they do best, just like people specialize within each other. It’s silly to suggest that everything will be better immediately, since all those unemployed secretaries are making $0 and still have bills to pay. However, there’s good reason to believe (from the first time we automated a lot of jobs) that things will turn out alright.

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am I going mad or is it totally strange and not normal for the president to be asking the general population to send him birthday cards

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

What really happened in Benghazi?

Happy birthday to you



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